I am one of those people that always feels out of place in this modern age.
This world runs too fast and sometimes leaves me behind, bewitched by a sunset.
To a night out, I prefer a book. To a shopping day, a walk into the wood.
I can’t help it, that’s the way I am.
It’s my lilt and I’ve learned to grow in it.

Over time I realized it’s an ancient beat, whispered by the moon.
And above all, I realized I am not alone: many strive to return to a slower, genuine and natural living. To a seasonal swing.

Personally, I’ve decided to live as naturally as possible, starting with a vegetarian diet, trying to eliminate plastic and to conduct a zero waste lifestyle -and last but not least- I am studying herbal medicine, which leaded me to create a space where I can grow aromatic herbs: a dream that finally comes true.

I’m starting this blog as a journal:
as a place where to observe and protect my slow living,
as a place where I will find out if I am taking care of my plants…
or they are taking care of me.

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