I believe everything has a limit.
Beyond, there is an abyss.

At the moment, we all are in a precarious balance, overwhelmed by the height.
We are conscious of our feelings and yet we do nothing to step back and move to a safer place.
Oppression, confusion, simple habit? Why we keep standing there?

I came to the conclusion that our reality perception is distorted.
We are the screens’ generation: they allow us to see, but they also divide and alienate us.
We became so accustomed to fiction to believe everything is unreal…or too far away to actually worry about it.
We believe others will take care of.
But this is exactly how we ended up on the edge: at one “someone else will take care of that” at a time.
Yet we are the children of a conscious and angry generation. We are the children of those who protested on every street of the world. Where did we come from? So relaxed and distant.
We should have fought. Complete what they had started.
Instead we are fumbling in a prepackaged world, uncomfortable in our own skin.

The question is: are we still in time? Are we still in time to learn to respect what surrounds us? Are we still in time to tune again into the earth beat?

But it’s just a whisper from someone that does not want to give up.

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