Nature Always Finds a Way

Summer 2016.
Palizzi Marina – village of the Ionian cost of Calabria, southern area of the Italian peninsula, ancient Magna Graecia.

My dear friend Lorenzo – guest of this blog post – found this geological formation on the beach of the village where I was born and raised.
Following, the brilliant observations Lorenzo wrote that very day:

Lorenzo Labate Instagram Page Here

“Nature always finds a way.
Plastic has already begun to interact with the rock cycle.
What I have in my hand (plastilite? If the name does not exist, I claim it here and now) it’s a rock formed of melted plastic mixed with a conglomerate of sand and gravel that has already undergone a partial erosive process by the sea and has reached Spropoli beach (Palizzi – RC – Calabria)
Nature has already found a way to incorporate in its own processes all the human activities that we consider “harmful” and it is creating ecological niches that adapt better into these environments.
We should understand that we are not destroying Nature, but only the habitats that allow our own survival (and incidentally that one of millions of other species – by the way). Nature will go on, finding new solutions.
The equation can simply be solved by eliminating the “man” variable once it has completed its function.”

I wasn’t surprised at all when I came across an essay, written by Laura De Rosa, published on GreenMe – where it is stated that “the first to identify the new rock and plastic agglomerates was the marine biologist Ignacio Gestoso in 2016, in the Portuguese island of Madeira. He called this rocks plasticrust.”
It was no new to me. The considerations made by Lorenzo, go hand in hand with Gestoso’s theory.
This kind of formations are now being founded all over the word: Italy, Portugal, Hawaii and so on.

Apparently the Era we know has come to an end.
Using the title of a book written by Eugene F. Stoermer, Nobel prize winner: Welcome to the Anthtopocene!
The dominant species, humans, have influenced the planet, to the point of modifying it. Better, we are the first life to transform this planet consciously.
Our behaviors are directly influencing the sacred circle of life, in a such radical way that is now escaping our control.
We have had several decades to pull the brake and reverse. We knew we were moving toward a catastrophe.
I don’t know what will actually change at this point. Only one certainty:
“Nature always finds a way”.

I invite you to visit Ignacio Gestoso page. His work is priceless.

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