“I’m a dreamer. If I look at a forest, I think the fairies live there.”

There is no other sentence that describes me the most.
I am really that kind of dreamer. I grew up feeling, believing and breathing magic. There is nothing more reassuring than an afternoon spent in Camelot, or behind a meadow listening to fairy music, or running on the battle fields to the sound of drumming thunders and Morrigan’s crows.
There was a time when I used to define myself as a “fairy in disguise” or a “fairy lost in this modern chaotic world” – and this is somehow still true.
Sometimes I look around and I feel totally lost. Out of place and out of time. Yet I am part of this modern world and I have work duties I cannot escape.

So here a question to all the artists trapped into a 9 to 6 job: how do you balance your work life with your creative life?

Please, tell me I’m not alone struggling to find some peaceful time to do… whatever I’d like to do in that moment! Write, paint, create content, knit, bake… literally whatever makes me feel inspired in that moment.
In desperate need of tips and tricks!

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