Plastic Movement: distraction or solution?

"Do you really think you can save the Planet by not using plastic straws?"Sometimes I receive this kind of comment, in real life and not. But it doesn't bother me at all, actually offers an occasion to express my thoughts and go deeper into the conversation. I got it. The "plastic movement" has somehow shifted … Continue reading Plastic Movement: distraction or solution?

Nature Always Finds a Way

Summer 2016. Palizzi Marina - village of the Ionian cost of Calabria, southern area of the Italian peninsula, ancient Magna Graecia. My dear friend Lorenzo - guest of this blog post - found this geological formation on the beach of the village where I was born and raised. Following, the brilliant observations Lorenzo wrote that … Continue reading Nature Always Finds a Way


I believe everything has a limit.Beyond, there is an abyss. At the moment, we all are in a precarious balance, overwhelmed by the height. We are conscious of our feelings and yet we do nothing to step back and move to a safer place. Oppression, confusion, simple habit? Why we keep standing there? I came … Continue reading Abyss