Nature Always Finds a Way

Summer 2016. Palizzi Marina - village of the Ionian cost of Calabria, southern area of the Italian peninsula, ancient Magna Graecia. My dear friend Lorenzo - guest of this blog post - found this geological formation on the beach of the village where I was born and raised. Following, the brilliant observations Lorenzo wrote that … Continue reading Nature Always Finds a Way

One day in Joshua Tree National Park

If there is something I truly love about America, it’s National Parks. The beauty of Nature is stunning and every once in a while, me and my boyfriend make sure to visit them. Even though we’ve been living in LA for the past 8 years, and we’ve been numerous times to the Palm Desert area, … Continue reading One day in Joshua Tree National Park


I believe everything has a limit.Beyond, there is an abyss. At the moment, we all are in a precarious balance, overwhelmed by the height. We are conscious of our feelings and yet we do nothing to step back and move to a safer place. Oppression, confusion, simple habit? Why we keep standing there? I came … Continue reading Abyss