Plastic Free July

No, it’s not a trend. It is rather our future.

I have always paid particular attention to the environment.
The need to connect with nature has made me conscious of the space I move into.
Despite everything, my awareness was passive: I did absolutely nothing that goes beyond education, good manners and common sense.
The real journey into eco-sustainability started only recently – less than a year ago – and it’s been a natural extension of the path I was already walking on, more than a sudden awakening.
We have grown accustomed to believe we are too small to make a difference. We think our gesture cannot have an impact on the world, because the world itself is too big.
And here’s the grain that blocks the gear.
The Earth is big, not infinite.
We, as individuals, are not small at all.
I can make a difference. You can make a difference.
We are universes able to influence other universes. As such we put things into motion and we affect this great mystery we call home.
We are grains. And if we have the power to lock a gear, why shouldn’t we have the same power to unlock it?

As consumers, we have unlimited power: the power to choose. The power to influence the offer by choosing how and what to buy.
Personally, I’ve started with a toothbrush and ended up rethinking my home and my habits.
I am far from doing things in a perfect way (a topic we will go into in depth later on) but I try every day to conduct a lifestyle in line with my ethics.
A lifestyle that I love, that brings back memories of my childhood, things that – for obvious reasons – I kinda lost when I moved from my beloved small village in Calabria to Los Angeles.

In this picture, that I posted on Instagram to participate at the #PlasticFreeJuly initiative, there are only a few examples of everyday objects in their eco-friendly version, rather than plastic or disposable.
Those are products that I have bought over time – when I actually needed to swap / replace them (it is understood that the passage from one lifestyle to another shouldn’t lead to a greater production of waste in order to replace everything immediately, without the actual need). All these products come from companies that pay attention not only to the finished product, but also to the production process and to the packaging – always plastic-free and compostable: from EcoRoots I purchased bamboo toothbrushes, metal straws and cotton make-up removers, washable and reusable over and over again; from Lush solid shampoos and conditioners; from Bite toothpaste tablets sold in glass jars.
The list is long and probably (sooner or later) I will compile an index of companies that I value because of their ethics and their products but, right now, my intent is to make clear that we can still change. Every single gesture is priceless: if repeated over time by each one of us, it will have a huge impact.
The result? We will give new hope and new life to our beautiful, incredible world.

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