First day of Autumn

Mabon Sunset.
Acrylics – Mini Canvas 4×4.

The sweetest of all.
The season of silence and quiet. Of golden and browns.
This is the moment of the year when I gather more energies and everything whispers magic.
Mabon it’s the first of my three favorite festivities of the year, along with Samhain and Yule.
It wasn’t a surprise when the other night, after few months, I finally found myself painting again.
I’m a surrender, I fall on my knees before the enchantment of this season. Spellbound and relief: it feels like I find my way back home.

Disclaimer: I’m not an artist nor do I consider myself so.
I’ve never taken drawing or painting lessons. I’m just a person who feels the need to create. I paint driven by emotions and often, by music.

8 thoughts on “First day of Autumn

    1. I am in love with all forms of art! I wish I could make some music but I gave up long time ago! Do you play any instrument? I use to play piano as a child and I’ve always been in love with the sound of the harp.


      1. I’m actually a piano teacher and I sing in a choir. We’ve sung accompanied by a harp before and it is completely mesmerising!


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