Gardening failures!

Today I’m going to expose myself and laugh at my sad gardening failures.
We all know, beginnings are always messy. Especially for someone like me, who sees only the bright side of things.
I’m a dreamer: as soon as I planted a seed I was already visualizing a jungle on my tiny balcony. A gracious urban jungle!

Well, something went quite wrong.

In reality my project is more easier than it sounds: create an aromatic herbs corner…and maybe one day expand the idea to some sort of small veggies. Nothing crazy, right?

To finalize my dream I decided I wouldn’t buy plants, only seeds. Someone said I was complicating my life -true, btw- but I wanted to learn everything about every single plant I was going to grow.
That included see them sprout.

I started out with Rosemary, now called Rosy. She is fine and well. And she gave me a massive joy the day she sprouted. She made me feel like I had already figure it all out.

Boy if I was wrong!

Encouraged by this first successful attempt- now declassified as beginners’ luck- I went on with Mint.

I planted the seeds and did everything I’ve already done with Rosy: kept the soil moisturized, check for the right amount of sun, gave love. Day after day.

15 days into the process – I grew that annoying feeling that something wasn’t going right. I gave more love.

25 days – clearly nothing was happening and I was in deny.
I. Kept. Giving. Love.

40 days later. The acceptance.
This is the actual status of my urban jungle:

Yup. I doubt I’m going to have fresh mint any time soon!

All in all I am grateful for this lesson. I wanted to learn something new and this is exactly what I’m doing.
Failure it’s just part of the process, important as much as success.
I’ll keep studying and I’ll try again when the right time comes.
Of course, if any of you have suggestions, please feel free to lecture me. Your insights would be incredibly precious to me!

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